At this point it’s safe to say that most of us know that physical activity/exercise are vital parts to living long healthy lives. Well if we know this what’s stopping so many people from taking part is some sort of exercise? Maybe it’s because you don’t know the difference between a dumbbell, barbell and kettlebell. Maybe it’s because the thought of going near a squat rack (btw what’s a squat rack?) causes you to have a panic attack. These are just a couple of possibilities.

Well welcome to¬†YOUR¬†starting line. The goal of Starting Line Fitness is to help you, whoever you are, go from a person who says “I know I should exercise but…” to a person who says “I exercise.” I’ll help you find your entry point and then design a well-rounded fitness plan from that entry point. You no longer have to be intimidated by the gym or paralyzed by a lack of exercise knowledge. Starting Line Fitness will give you all the tools/help you need to comfortably and confidently approach the starting line to the rest of your long and healthy life.

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